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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

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Dealing with infectious diseases

  • The service recognises a legal and ethical responsibility to provide employees, children, families and the community with adequate protection against infection hazards, and to provide an environment which is safe and which minimises risks to health.
  • Children are appropriately supervised, assisted and encouraged in their daily health and hygiene routines. Educators and staff will support, scaffold and supervise personal hygiene practices assisting children to develop skills to take an increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.
  • Education and care environments are hygienically maintained to reduce the possible spread of infection and illnesses.
  • Educators and staff will remind families on a regular basis, to provide updates to the child's immunisation status and related records.
  • In the event where a child is diagnosed with an infectious illness while at the service, the educators and staff will notify the parent, guardian or authorised nominee to arrange for the child to be collected as soon as possible. Families whose children are diagnosed with an infectious illness are responsible to inform the service.
  • If the illness is classified as a Serious Incident that requires notification to the Regulatory Authority.
  • The service will exclude a child who is suspected for having an infectious disease until a medical certificate is received from a qualified medical practitioner, stating that the child is fit for class and is no longer contagious.
  • Educators and staff will notify the local Public Health Unit by phone as soon as possible (and within 24 hours) after they are made aware that a child enrolled at the service is suffering from a vaccine preventable disease.

Dealing with medical conditions

  • Ensure that the service has in place policies and procedures in relation to health and wellbeing of children who are present with diagnosed medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and anaphylaxis
  • Families must provide medical confirmation of the condition and a related Action Plan for the child, which the educators and staff will refer to and follow.
  • Educators, staff and families will consult on the individual risks to the child, these will be assessed and an action plan put in place. This may include safe handling, preparation, consumption and service of food and beverages, how the service will notify families of any potential allergens that may pose a risk, how educators, staff and persons within the service will identify and be aware of each child's condition and Action Plan, medication requirements and how families will notify the service of any changes.

Health and sickness

  • The service promotes hygienic practices and prevents the spread of infections by implementing a variety of strategies and standard precautions in the everyday practices.
  • Parents are asked to advise educators and staff when their child has been unwell, even if the illness or symptoms did not occur on the child's pre-school day. Families should discuss and be aware of policies and procedures, which will need to be followed, for example when a medical clearance is required or if medication has been prescribed.
  • Families are also requested not to attend the centre themselves or with siblings if they have any signs or symptoms of an infectious illness either.
  • If families visit the doctor with their child, for any reason, it is best practice to ask for a certificate from the doctor, stating what the child's symptoms are, what the doctors diagnoses is and their recommendations.
  • Exclusion period and related information, please refer to:


  • The service will not enrol a child unless the parent or guardian has provided documentation that shows the child:
    - Is fully vaccinated for their age
    - Has a medical reason not to be immunised
    - Has a parent or guardian who has a conscientious objection to vaccination
    - Is on a recognised catch-up schedule
  • Families need to ensure Centrelink has updated proof of immunisations, or their Child Care Subsidies (CCS) and any other fee reductions benefits will be cancelled. This will in turn require the service to charge full fees until records are updated
  • Families are required to provide the service with a copy of the child's immunisation before enrolment, or the forms outlining reasons why immunisation has not been undertaken. This information must be updated when each new immunisation is administered
  • In accordance with the Public Health Act 1991, in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease at the service, the Nominated Supervisor will notify educators, staff, families and the appropriate Health Authorities. All non-immunised children will be excluded from the service until the outbreak has completed its recommended exclusion periods
  • In accordance with recommendations, any child who is not fully immunised for his or her age group will be excluded from care during outbreaks of some infectious diseases, such as measles and whopping cough even if the child is well. This exclusion period will continue to incur fees, payable by the parents.

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