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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

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Admin of first aid


  • Ensure that educators and staff can effectively respond to and manage accidents, illnesses and emergencies, which occur at the service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, educators and visitors.
  • At least an educator or staff will:
    - Possess a current approved first aid qualification.
    - Undertake anaphylaxis management training.
    - Undertake emergency asthma management training.
    - Implement practices to minimise cross infection while providing first aid.
    - Maintain the list of emergency services, a list of the child's current numbers and emergency services and keep these in an accessible location at all times.
  • The service is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment, and recognise the responsibility to provide first aid facilities that are adequate for the immediate treatment of injuries and illnesses. Educators and staff are aware of their duty of care to children, families, staff and visitors in providing appropriate first aid treatment.
  • The service is equipped with an appropriate number of first aid kits for the number of children being educated and cared for by the service. The first aid kits are suitably equipped, easily accessible by educators and staff, and recognizable.
  • The service will obtain authorisation or consent from the parents or guardians via the Enrolment Package, to administer first aid and/or obtain medical treatment where necessary. Parents and/or guardians or the authorised nominees on the Enrolment Package will be notified following a first aid response.

Admin of medication


  • Ensure that educators and staff understand that administering of medication to a child is considered a high-risk practice, and authorisation must be obtained from a parent or guardian before any medications are administered (regardless if it is prescribed or non-prescribed).
  • Educators and staff will administer medications whilst a child is at the service, if it is required for the health and safe management of an identified health problem or illness, or as a prevention and management of an acute illness. This can only occur when it is accompanied by a medical note from a recognised medical practitioner, and a signed medication administration instruction from the parents or guardians.
  • Parents or guardians must speak to an educator or staff upon arrival, to hand over the medications, the required documentations and answer any questions that the educator or staff may have. No medications are to be left in the child's bag. Parents or guardians must ensure that the correct medication is in the original container, and is clearly labelled.
  • The service will endeavour to ensure that educators or staff are witnessed by another person when administering medication to the children.
  • As the service has a policy against administering of any oral and invasive medications to the children, educators and staff will contact parents or guardians for collection of the child as soon as possible, if such medication is required. This is especially so when the child is presented with a fever – no paracetamol will be administered so as to safeguard against the over-use of paracetamol, and to minimise the risk of masking the underlying reasons for high temperatures.

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