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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

Tel.: (02) 4628 3781 |  | register Vacation Care available!


To be the premier provider of high quality care and education to the community.


Committed to excellence in care and education by striving to provide every child with opportunities to inquire, explore and develop their potential in a safe, holistic, challenging and nurturing learning environment that will ultimately prepare them to be active learners ready for transition to the formal school system, and as global citizens who welcome diversity in a multi-cultural world.

Core Values

Positiveness Showing explicit confidence in opinion or assertion.
Empathy Showing understanding and sensitivity while attempting to experience the situation and feelings of others.
Loyalty Showing faithfulness and devotion to commitments and obligations.
Integrity Demonstrating an honest moral character.
Compassion Showing sympathy for others who are suffering or stricken by misfortune, and the desire to help them or to improve their situations.
PAssionate Having and showing strong feelings in one's beliefs and undertakings.
RespoNsible Learning to be answerable and accountable for one's action.

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Pelican Pre-School & Long Day Care @ Campbelltown
Managed and operated by Raffles Campus (Australia) Pty Ltd
ABN: 69 601 149 286

2 St. Stephen Road, Blair Athol, NSW 2560

Tel: (02) 4628 3781

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