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Emergency evacuation and lockdown

  • Evacuation and lockdown procedures will be practiced regularly, and outcomes recorded, reflected upon and continually improved. It is the service's aim to ensure that each child has the opportunity to attend the drills, and educators and staff have clear and practical knowledge of the said procedures
  • Drills will be rehearsed at least every three months (and/or 4 times a year) by educators, volunteers or visitors and the children enrolled in the service. Rehearsals will take place at various times of the day and week.
  • All drills will be documented.
  • The service will ensure all resources required for an evacuation are kept up-to-date and in good working condition, for example phone charged, contact list updated, contents in the first aid kit and emergency bag are complete
  • Where practical and it being the safest option to leave, then educators and staff will follow the procedures under 'Fire emergency'.
  • Where it is not safe to depart from the premises, then educators and staff will follow the procedures under 'Severe storm and natural disaster emergency', or 'Emergency lockdown'.
  • Evacuation floor plan and procedures will be clearly displayed within and outside the service to facilitate reference by all stakeholders.

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