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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

Tel.: (02) 4628 3781 |  | register Vacation Care available!

Pelican has an open indoor space concept, which is sectioned into niche learning corners to cater for the different creative, linguistic, literacy, music and drama and general activities.

The outdoor area is spacious and offers immense opportunities for children to engage in activities of their choice – such as sporting, motor-skill coordination, gardening, science and nature exploration and outdoor creative arts, to name a few. The outdoor area is also equipped with a shaded sand pit.

Both indoor and outdoor environments are planned, purposefully set up to stimulate inquiry, curiosity, interest to experiment and develop the joy for life-long learning.

To ensure each child is safe and protected from harm or danger, adequate security features and sun protection infrastructure are put in place; all indoor and outdoor learning activities undertake regular risk assessments; and all physical facilities and infrastructures are checked and maintained regularly to ensure they are in good and safe working condition.

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Pelican Pre-School & Long Day Care @ Campbelltown
Managed and operated by Raffles Campus (Australia) Pty Ltd
ABN: 69 601 149 286

2 St. Stephen Road, Blair Athol, NSW 2560

Tel: (02) 4628 3781

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