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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

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The School Readiness Programme aims to develop the children's developmental skills in key learning areas, such as literacy, numeracy, creative arts and music and self-help skills. These skills are deemed important and are critical in building positive self-esteem, which will facilitate the child's transition from a childcare setting to the school environments.

Some key activities include name writing, numeracy games, reading, story sequencing activities, board games, fine-motor activities, scissor skills, team work and respect for rules and routines, to name a few.

The rigor of the School Readiness Programme will typically intensify from the second half of each year, so as to better prepare children for their Big Schools.

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Pelican Pre-School & Long Day Care @ Campbelltown
Managed and operated by Raffles Campus (Australia) Pty Ltd
ABN: 69 601 149 286

2 St. Stephen Road, Blair Athol, NSW 2560

Tel: (02) 4628 3781

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