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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

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Vison, Mission and Core Values 

vision mission photoCommitted to excellence in care and education by striving to provide every child with opportunities to inquire, explore and develop their potential in a safe, holistic, challenging and nurturing learning environment... Read more

Philosophy and Practices 

philosophy imageWe advocate equity, respect the children’s rights, and offer meaningful positive reinforcements for their efforts and successes, regardless of their gender, culture, religion and socio-economic background... Read More

Facilities Upgrade 

News & Events Archive 

Athletes Footwear

The children had an interesting incursion offered by Athletes Footwear on 4th December (Tuesday). Children played games to help them learn about their lefts and rights, and the appropriate footwear for the different activities. Click HERE for photos

Mobile Dental visit

A mobile dentist visited the children on 8th November (Thursday). The dental team had an interesting dental health interactive learning session, prior to the actual dental check-up for the children (who have signed up). Children who participated in the dental check-up did a wonderful job, and was brave and calm during the session. Well done! Click HERE for photos

School Readiness

As the time is coming closer for the older children in the Kangaroo room to transit to the Big School, Miss Alicia has planned for the children to bring their very own lunch boxes from home, which is then packed by our educators for their afternoon tea. This daily routines aimed to prepare children, to be independent and be accustomed to self-service meal times. Click HERE for photos

Halloween party

The children and educators participated in a two-day celebration where the children could dress up in scary attires of their choice. During the week leading to our Halloween celebration, children had been very excited and had been sharing with everyone their fantastic dress up ideas. Click HERE for photos

Billy Buddies

Had an incursion from Billy’s Buddies in late October, which is an organisation that specialises in non-contact Ruby League for children aged 2 to 6. The programme encourages children to develop their confidence, self-esteem, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, while learning the importance of teamwork, and understanding the fundamentals of Rugby League and ball sports in general. Click HERE for photos

National Children’s week

Children’s week (22nd to 26th October) celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities. Children’s week is supported by the Australian Government of Education and Training. A diverse range of events and activities are organized at National, State and Local levels, focusing on the wider community of children, their needs and achievements.

Latest News & Events 

Reconciliation Day Australia

In the last week of May, our children celebrated the Reconciliation Day Australia. We created special hand print Sorry poster and increased the Australian Aboriginal Culture’s awareness with activities for children, such as puzzles, memory matching game, role play area, listening and dancing to Aboriginal music and songs, and special dream time story reading. For the older children, they discussed further and learnt more about our Indigenous History. Click HERE for photos

National Simultaneous Story Time

On the 22nd of May, we participated in the National Simultaneous Story Time. This year’s story was Alpacas with Maracas. Everyone loved the story and our listening skills were excellent. We enjoyed it so much we discussed what it would be like to be an alpaca. Click HERE for photo

Mother’s Day

At the beginning of May, we held our annual mother’s day event. We would like to thank all our wonderful parents for their attendance and hope you all had great time. Click HERE for photos


We participated in learning about ANZAC Day and what is the meaning behind the important day in the Australian Calendar.

Easter 2019

As Easter approached, we began learning about the celebration of Easter and sparking children’s interest through a variety of fun and exciting activities, such as wooden egg memory game, egg scoop Easter activity and face painting for our Easter Disco party. They made Pom Pom Easter egg painting, bunny craft with footprint ears and carrot footprints to develop their creative skills. The dramatic play area was quite popular as the children loved participating in dressing up in the Easter Bunny clothes and Bunny headbands. Click HERE for photos

Easter Disco

On April 18th, we held our first Easter Disco. We would like to thank all our amazing families who attended the evening. It was a great success and all the children enjoyed dancing, spending time together and having a visit from the Easter Bunny. We raised $115 in total, and the money will go to towards our new outdoor furniture that we are saving to purchase. Click HERE for photos

Janet Harlow

6 Reasons Preschool Benefits Your Child

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